Thursday, 22 April 2010

PMP - 2010 Spring Collection!

PotMeetsPop is a local denim line that I am loving! The boys who are behind this line are some very good friends of mine, and quite talented too I may add. My first PMP denim was a pair of shorts I literally wore almost everyday on my honeymoon. They are super comfy! I'm not saying that just because I know these boys nor because I get the denim for free =P They do make nice fabrics.
I actually struggled to get hold of my first pair because they are always sold out! (my size anyways) Thankfully, I ordered the Spring 2010 quite early, but I'm still after another pair from this collection, the soft rinse.. Hee..

Sorry about the lack of clarity on this picture as well as my dumbfounded expression. I'll take a better photo of my latest PMP jeans.


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I need.. Double-breasted Suit!

Lately, I've been seeing gorgeous double breasted suits on magazines and photos from the fashion weeks. Some are even made of velvet and leather, but the best are still the ones made out of classic tweed. There is definitely that masculine yet elegant look to the double-breasted suit. They make me go crazy just looking at them, ssoo chic.. 

I started fantasizing Giambattista Valli version on me, looking at myself on the mirror, ready to face my clients at work with the power suit on! Of course it's only a recurring dream I've been having lately.

I think I'll go to the tailor very soon and have the suit made for me. The sketch is lying around somewhere in my room, but I'm still confused in deciding the colour though. Gray or black?