Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Turkish Delight

I'm such a sucker for overseas souvenirs especially those of crafty things. Like these bags from Turkey, they are delightfully colourful and the fabrics are just carpet-like coolness. I haven't worn them since the styles are a bit hippie-ish, but I think they would be perfect for my next beachy holiday (wishful thinking).

This pouch has such gorgeous colours, and it looks like some kind of pretty Persian rug. So naturally, it replaced my old worn-out cosmetic case, voila!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Like Father Like Son

So there's nothing special about this picture that I took of my husband and son wearing the same shirts. But that's not why I posted this picture. It was actually the story behind these shirts that I like. My husband has had this shirt for as long as I've known him, way back when we were still dating. Years later, my sister bought this cute tiny navy checkered shirt for my son. Such coincidence. So naturally, I thought, someday I had to dress these boys in these shirts and click! click! click!


That is all. Toodles.. DD

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Arkiv's Reachable Distance

Last weekend we went to our good friend, Arkiv Vilmansa's exhibition opening "Reachable Distance". He is such a talented artist, making figures, paintings and illustrations so brilliantly. For some reasons (don't ask why) it was my first time going to his exhibition, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

 I took this picture of the series of paintings because it amazed me that he could paint the same picture with such precision, only in different colours.

 The artist himself! More about Arkiv click here


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Watch out!

Every now and then, I have this switching urge of needing wanting to buy something. Like last month, I felt like I really needed to buy another watch (2 months before was flats). When the husband and I went to a mall and passed a counter that sold cool watches, I dreamed of buying that watch the night after. So naturally, we bought the same watch, in different colours, the following week (I always feel a little less guilty when he shops with me! haha). Then, I realised the last time I thought I really needed a new watch was back in January. It was my birthday. Such a kind man my husband was, he bought me this watch..



Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wishlist: Summer Holiday

All I want for my (dreamy) beach getaway this holiday is Karen Walker sunnies and a pair of these orange Havaianas espadrilles...

 Although, I wouldn't mind having this Stella McCartney bag to carry to the white sandy beach...

 AND, this gorgeous white ISSA dress so I would look glowing instead of sweaty in the heat, hmm...

That's all, really!


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cover Girl

Gwen Stefani - the woman who had evolved throughout the years, and successfully achieved her best style as she aged in motherhood. She is my favourite cover girl!

I also love the fact that on one of her recent covers, Elle UK, they didn't do much editing you could actually see the freckles on her arm. Ridiculous body for a mother though, pffft.. 'Nuff said.


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Current Obsession

A few years back, I was obsessed with this type of sandals that I saw several times on the streets. Sometimes last year, my sister re-introduced me to these sandals and I'm now officially obsessed with these bohemian-style sandals! You can change the straps with different patterns and style them in so many ways, you can never get enough. I give you, Napaktilas..

Ooh may I add, cutest packaging as well!


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Frock Me Vintage #2

 Red is the colour of the season! So, it's been more than 4 months since I last posted. Now that the pregnancy is over and the baby has arrived, I am officially sleep deprived and ecstatic at the same time. More on that later on..

Back to red. Oh la la, I am so fascinated with the reds, tangerine, and other orange hues that are everywhere from the red carpet to the street style. Such a fresh look from the pastel minimalist trend that I, have for quite some time enjoyed, am now bored of.

I think this dress definitely represents a strong lady like personality. Hello Joan Harris!

Neat pleats with lovely belt detail. Somehow very oldskool Dior (unfortunately, no, it's not a vintage Dior!).

The turban was also inspired by Mad Men of course. It's a silk batik print scarf in magenta.

Last but not least, a gorgeous pair of red on white vintage Halston heels! Again, Nadiya's own collection. Pfft...


Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Jumpsuit, Overalls, Playsuit and everything else...

Oh, how I missed wearing clothes without thinking the belly would get in the way. Don't get me wrong, as much as I love being pregnant with massive tummy, I do miss wearing my old clothes sometimes. The skinny jeans, the figure hugging "Joan Harris" dresses, and most of all, the jumpsuit/ overalls or whatever they called the one-piece suits that are everywhere at the chain stores. 

Not to worry though, my daily outfit still consists the harem pants or the maxi dress. They are probably the most comfortable pieces of clothing for mom-to-be's and they're still on trend! Only a couple weeks until this proud mama could get back on her high heels and jumpsuits! =D


Thursday, 30 September 2010

Frock Me Vintage #1

I've been having this idea in my head that I wanted to do something new for the blog. So I decided to do a feature every now and then, called 'Frock Me Vintage". I would style my sister, Nadiya, in our vintage dresses, and basically tell her to pose, ha! With the help of my hubby as the photographer, we finally shot some pictures.

 The inspiration was nautical. I only thought about it when I put together the blue dress and the scarf.

The details of this dress, like the cut and buttons, definitely feel sailor-ey to me.

Love the scarf! Which I found in mum's drawer. It's basically mine now.. =P

Vintage shoes are Stuart Weitzman, Nadiya's own collection.