Sunday, 8 November 2009

Ethnic Charms

My mum has a collection of gorgeous ethnic necklaces that she collects from her travels, as well as the results of her very good eye in spotting them in the markets. 
So I took some pics of these amazing handmade pieces that mum rarely wears (thus they always end up in my jewelry basket and on my neck). 

The wooden necklace mum found in Africa (below) is my all time favourite! It has that worn out (unfinished) look that I just adore, and always boosts my confidence everytime I pair it with a plain outfit.

The jade necklace on the left below is my current favourite, in contrast with the wooden one above, it is just simply beautiful! The coral one (right) has the most intricate detail combined with such intriguing colour.

I definitely can't live without my necklaces.. or my mum's in this case! =D

Thursday, 5 November 2009

(Lime) Green with Envy

So I've been loving the colour green, pale green nail polish, food & beverages with Green Tea flavour, pale green furnitures, green-ish blue stuff, green campaign, etc etc. So I found some pictures of green things I took some times ago (below).

I accidentally found this cup lid from my office's pantry, which I also incidentally placed next to my colleague's lime green cable roller thingy as we were working in the meeting room. So I can't resist to take a shot from my phone. Love the green & white combo!

This is green tea wafer-sandwich with green tea filling that was so yummy I wish my mum had brought a lot more from her trip to Japan! They were nicely packaged too!