Sunday, 30 August 2009

Bazaar Art 2009

Adrian Gan


So I've been wanting to go to this art exhibition from last week and I've
finally gotten to go there last weekend. It was held by Harper's Bazaar Indonesia which was simply titled Bazaar Art 2009. We went on the second to last day! I had so much fun as we were taking lots of pictures. Unfortunately, we didn't bring a proper camera so please forgive the bad lighting etc because I only used my phone's camera!
These are my two favourite fashion artworks. The white one was made of thousands of origami-ed papers (I think they were glued, I did not dare to touch them) throughout the long end of the train. The black one on the other side, was made of spools of thread, as you can see clearer on the platform. It was so representative of the art of sewing, I thought, and they even had needles stuck on to the platform as I looked closely. Just fabulous! Enjoy!


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