Friday, 11 June 2010

Camel's Back!

It's already June and I felt like I haven't written in a year. Some new exciting things happened like the new notebook we bought (this is my first time blogging using it, so I'm extra careful = typing extra slow). I also bought a new lens for our Canon, which was supposedly a present for my man's birthday (it was just my trick, really, ha!). As a result of the new lens, I took some pictures to test it. Click click..

I was raiding my mother's closet to borrow some bags and I found these bags in shades of camel, so how could I resist?? I decided to take all of them back to my room and wear them in turn. It wouldn't be fair if I only wore one of them. The others would be jealous, no?!

This box bag from Celine is making a come back. Since I can't afford the new version, I'd be happy to just borrow this vintage version =D

PS. I'm not making up this whole camel trend because I rediscovered these bags, it's actually everywhere and I'm a bit left behind posting about it now, hehe..
PS 2. I changed my blog template with a touch of blue, you like?


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  1. wow, what a lucky find! that bag is gorgeous!!