Sunday, 27 September 2009

Brightspot Market Sept'09

Pheeww, finally, I edited and uploaded these pictures that I wanted so long ago to post. I went to Brightspot Market about 3 weeks ago, held in Grand Indonesia this time. Up until just now, I hadn't been able to gather enough power to touch my computer for some picture editing (read: lazy =P), although I was extremely happy with all the things I saw/ bought.

Anyways, I bought this amazing jersey-studded neck piece that was half necklace half shawl, made by some friends. The colour is actually turquoise, not as light blue-ish as it shows on the right picture, and of course it's fabulous!

Two other items I thought were cute are the festive-coloured necklaces I and Put found for her purchases. Knowing Put's simple and sophisticated sense of style, we thought these pieces would add a touch of playfullness to her outfits.

All and all, we were satisfied of what we came to see. Can't wait for next Brightspot Market!


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  1. Nice review DD!! I agree that the neck piece you bought is fabulous, and the color also suit you.. for the colorful necklaces, I found it also at alun-alun with way higher price.. so whoever had the chance to buy those pieces at Brightspot, lucky you (or me)!! :p.. see u next time Brightspot market!